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August 08, 2005



I do not know Shari, but have been following her story since the beginning, having checked the Web site multiple times a day for updates. I am THRILLED to see the great news this morning. I wish her a speedy recovery, and much love and health in the future, including her upcoming wedding!


I've been checking in every day, half afraid of what I might find. Three years ago (almost to this day) I discovered I'd need a liver transplant due to a fluke reaction to a medication I'd been given. Two-and-a-half years ago I received that transplant. I was lucky in that I had that half year to learn what I could about the process and to let the reality of the situation sink home. Shari is going to have to assimilate that while she's in the act of recovering. I don't know if that will make things harder for her or not, but let her know that we survivors are out there, and we do a good job of leaning on each other when we need to. She has only to look to her hospital for a support group, or to the web for people who know exactly what she's gone through. My best wishes for a speedy recovery and return to normal life.


That's wonderful to hear! I've checked for updates daily and have posted this URL on my websites, just hoping that we would hear some good news!

Best wishes!

a friend of a friend of Shari

This is wonderful news! She has been in my thoughts over the past few weeks. While I don't know Shari at all, I can clearly see her strength and determination, as well as that of her friends and family. I can see that she is part of a blessed circle of love and am so happy that she was able to have the transplant. best wishes to all of you!

Willa Porter

What fantastic news!!!!

Congratulations to Shari & her family & friends, and God bless the family of the donor. What a beautiful and loving gift. My prayers are with you all, and especially with the family that is dealing with the loss of a loved one. I hope that the joy of Shari's family helps to heal some of your your pain. God bless you all!

Luis F Castro

I do not know Shari. A friend of mine does - Andrew Johnson. All I got say is that I was touched by her struggle and now am extremely relieved to learn that she got a gift that she will remember forever - the gift of life. I will donate blood on her behalf as soon as I have a chance.


Karen Ranzer

I'm an old camp friend of Shari's and have been checking the site everyday hoping for wonderful news. I'm so glad you are on the road to recovery Shari. You will be the happiest and healthiest bride!


What wonderful news! I do not know Shari but have several friends that do and I have been checking the website several times a day to track her progress. I am so happy to hear that she received a liver and am wishing her a speedy and healthy recovery!

Vea Tiongson

I don't know Shari... I found out about her story through a flyer that was handed to me 3 weeks ago in Manhattan... after reading it, I couldn't just throw it away and took it home with me. It touched my heart so much that I had to post it on a bulletin online. (Friendster.com) I'm so glad I checked back today... and have read this wonderful news! To Shari, her family and friends, congratulations!!!


I just had to write because I have been checking the website daily, and I was so thrilled to hear the good news. Shari should know that the entire Camp Romaca network from way back when was pulling for her...we all send our best wishes for a speedy recovery and a wonderful wedding in the future.

debbi radford

Thank God! I have been checking in several times a day just praying for this great news! While I do not personally know Shari, her story has touched me deeply, for whatever reason. I will continue to keep her in my prayers. Let the wedding march begin!

laura salamone

I was so happy to hear the wonderful news! I have been thinking about you non-stop and I am wishing you a quick recovery.
love, laura salamone

Kim Ward

I'm so happy to hear that Shari is on the road to recovery. I've been keeping up with the story and spreading the word whenever possible. She has received a precious gift and I hope the donor's loved ones also received some small peace of mind.

A Fellow PR Friend

I am beyond touched by the unity of people - both friends and strangers - to help Shari. She is going to be so moved by the sentiment, determination, thoughts, prayers and love that went on around her. My strength goes out to not only Shari, her fiancee and her family - for her safe and healthy recovery...but also to the family that lost someone dear to them. We all thank you for your generosity and your selfless nature in giving life from a tragic loss. Shari will continue to do great things with her (renewed) life...and will no doubt keep very much alive the soul that gave her a chance to live.

A Friend

Congratulations Shari! I do not know you, but was very touched after hearing about your story. I am so so so happy for you and your family and wish you the very best as you continue to recover.


Thank G-D! I am so happy for Shari. I do not know her, but like most of us, I have friends who know her. I have been checking this website everyday hoping to see what I found today! I wish her a speedy recovery. I am so happy for Shari and her family.

Jason Gastwirth

I am SO happy to hear that a liver was found for Shari! Shari was a year ahead of me growing up in Great Neck and I always remember her as a very friendly and kind person.

I am glad to see that good things do in fact happen to good people and wishing you a speedy recovery, Shari!

Paul Duning

Shari, What great news. I do not know you but, after learning more about you through the tremendous outreach, it is clear that you are obviously a very talented and much loved woman. Cheers, to you, your fiancé, family and friends.


Congratulations! I do not know you but I received an email last week with your story and have been following this website ever since. I'm so happy for you and hope your recovery goes well!


What wonderful news! I am also Shari's age, work in the PR industry, and was married this spring. When I read her story I was incredibly touched. My thoughts and good wishes are with Shari... I hope that she has the opportunity to know what an impact her struggle has had on so many of us. I know that I have a different perspective on what is important and that I am appreciating each day with a renewed sense of fortune and purpose. All the best Shari.

Alison Amsterdam

Congratulations Shari! I wanted to let you know two things during your recovery...

1) You are in very capable hands at NYU. The transplant team is one of the best from the surgeons to the coordinators.

2) My best freind from college (also a fellow-Cornellian) had a transplant 8 years ago. It happened suddenly 2 months before she and (her now) husband were to be married. Yes, the recovery was difficult. Yes, there were times when she was discouraged. BUT, she made it through and so will you. Today she is a mother of a healthy little boy who is almost 2-years old and she is married to the same guy she was engaged to at the time of the transplant.

There is DEFINITELY a light at the end of the tunnel. Just keep focusing on it!


Eileen Stone

Congratulations...This is such great news. I am so happy for you and your family..What a great gift you have been given. Wishing you continued good Health, a speedy recovery and a life filled with Peace and Love...

Steph Fabian

I am so happy to hear that Shari has found a liver! I think this struggle for life and death brought about more than just a liver transplant; it showed us all proof that human spirit is strong and alive in all of us. It is amazing how so many people pulled together to help Shari so I thank her for uplifting my spirit! :)

Lori Discolo

I was so happy to hear the good news! I grew up in Great Neck and remembered Shari as soon as I saw her picture. I have been following her condition everyday and I am sincerely thrilled and relieved to hear that she received a liver and that the surgery went well. All the best!

Jen (Berman) Dalva

Until a year ago, I lived in Shari's building in NYC. We are the same age and I was recently married so Shari's condition really touched me. I have been checking the website daily and I am ecstatic to hear that Shari received a liver! Please let Shari and her family know that as a result of her story, I will be adding "organ donor" to my license when I get my name changed. Shari's situation made me realize the importance of becomming an organ donor. Good luck Shari! I will be thinking of you on October 15th. I know you will be a beautiful bride!

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