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July 25, 2005


Jeanine Desantis

Dear Robby and Shari,

We are all praying for you and your family in this time of need.

All our love and support,

Jeanine and Caley


I wish I could be of more help than I am. For what it's worth, I linked to this blog in my LiveJournal, and will spread some flyers around southern Conn. tomorrow.

Liz Coletto-Johnson

Robby and Shari,

You are in my thoughts and prayers everyday. My family and friends are also praying for you.


Shari Cohen

Dear Robby,

It has been years. . . KZT at Buffalo State. I just wanted to let you know that I can't stop thinking and HOPING for a donor for Shari. I wish you strength.

Shari Cohen


I have read of your need. My prayers go out to all of you and your family. Last year at this time, my brother was at NYU Medical Center awaiting a liver transplant -- he was blessed with one last September. He also was extremely critical and needed a full donor liver. Thoughts and prayers go out to the family at this time.

Knickcole Hall

My family and I will be praying for Shari too. God bless you all and our thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time.
Good Luck! I will keep my eyes open for someone who might be interested


I am keeping her in my thoughts and prayers. I have a kidney transplant. I know the urgent need for the liver is much greater and I pray she gets it.



It's been many years since Camp Romaca! We are all praying for you. Everywhere I go to post one of your fliers, it is already there. Thats gotta be a great sign that EVERYONE in the tri-sate area is aware and hoping for you!! You are in my thoughts!


I pray that Shari will get a liver transplant. My mother was need of a liver suddenly in 2003 and was able to have the transplant. I wish I could do more - if you haveany questions, please contact me.


I don't know Shari personally, but I recognize her from around the Cornell campus. My thoughts and prayers are with you, Shari, your parents, and your fiance during this heartbreaking time. I have passed on information about your situation, hoping that someone can help.

rabbi joel wasser

Shari, Rob, and Family,
It's been a long time since the Youth House at Temple Israel in Great Neck. Moji let me know what was going on. I have you on my personal misheberech list and will be praying for you at shul as well. Be strong of faith. Know that many are praying for you!

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