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July 24, 2005



Thoughts and prayers from Chicago. People are posting hundreds of flyers in Evanston and downtown chicago as I type


I hope and Pray that you get a new liver and that everything goes well.
Love and Luck,


My thoughts and prayers are with Shari, Rob and their families and friends. I am reaching out to everyone I know to spread the word to help.

Love- Vanessa

erik ratensperger

my thoughts and love are with Shari and her family and friends..

new york

Julie Cohen

I have tried to send this message out to as many people as I can. My positive thoughts and prayers are with Shari and her family and friends at this time.


We're fighting for you, Shari in every way we can. A group of friends are getting together to distribute flyers at local hospitals and firehouses. Earlier today, we posted flyers all over the New York State Courthouses.

My thoughts are with you and your family every second of the day. I'll continue to pray for you and help in any way I can.

With much love and hope, Reena


I will pray for Shari and her family, friends, and loved ones. Miracles do happen--pray and believe!

Lisa Barra

I wish for you the ideal transplant with godspeed. I will foward your website to all in my address book.

Ellie Balladares

Please keep us posted on Shari's Condition I have emailed all on my list asking for prayers and a liver.
God bless this girl and her friends and family.
E. Balladares

Shawna Feinsod Goldfarb

I wanted to lend a thought a friend of mine had here in Boca Raton, FL. Her mother works with a hospice center and has printed flyers to ditribute there. She is emailing link about Shari to other hospice facilities in the area. I am trying to help, anyway I know how.
Thinking of you daily and praying....

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